Engagement Options - Recruiting, Staffing, Consulting

Engage our services either on a:


Client Company will engage the services of ThreePDS for a pre-determined period and fee.


Client Company will engage ThreePDS for a pre-determined fee based on a successful recruitment.


Through active recruiting calls within our vast network, we source professionals who are not necessarily in the job search process.


Adding additional Staff to supplement your team members has been the key to success with the majority of our Clients.


Our network includes a range of available consultants who assist our clients in providing services for Acct/Fin, IT, Supply Chain, Sustainability, and HIE an many more specialties.


Background Checks, Reference Checks, Employment Verification, Education Verification, Drug Testing, Clinical Compliance, Credentialing, Payrolling Services, Contingent, Contract to Hire, and Retained Searches, HR Consulting

ThreePDS can provide the following staffing options:

  • Contract Consulting - Hire a specialist for a short-term assignment.
  • Contract to Hire Recruitment - Try before you buy.
  • Full-Service Recruitment - Headhunt and Hire a fulltime employee.

It was perfect timing for me when ThreePDS called. I landed one of the best
opportunities I have ever had.

Diana G. – Candidate