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Why Clients Choose ThreePDS Inc.

Quality Control Process

Our 3 Phases for Recruiting allows ThreePDS to partner with the Client and provide a quality control process that allows us to evaluate each position and provide feedback for the hiring process.

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The Research Team Utilizes the Three PDS Database, Professional Affiliations, Referrals, e-Recruiting and Specialized candidate targeting strategies to identify and screen Candidates. Through active recruiting calls within our vast network, we source professionals who are not necessarily in the job search process. Most times the best talent is not found through job boards or ads. The best and most sought after Candidates in any industry are those individuals that are gainfully employed by your strongest competitors.

Why Candidates Choose ThreePDS Inc.

Client Company will engage ThreePDS for a pre-determined fee based on a successful recruitment.


Professionals want to work with other professionals that can understand, assess, and relate to their technical abilities and accomplishments. ThreePDS' recruiters and staffing managers have a combination of functional and technical experience with which we relate to Client and Candidate alike.

We Value Your Interests, as Well as Your Abilities

Our recruiters and staffing managers take the time to discuss your employment history and experience, and more importantly your career goals to help us better understand what you are looking for in your next opportunity

Career Partners

We aim to be your career partner; not just for this job search, but for future advancements in your career.


Your resume will not be sent to clients without your knowledge and agreement.

It was perfect timing for me when ThreePDS called. I landed one of the best
opportunities I have ever had.

Diana G. – Candidate